Bearingless Jets

One of the first plastic projects Rising Dragon first executed was the creation of the now patented “Axis” Bearingless jet.

These self-cleaning jets use a floating Stainless Steel shaft seated into a forward steel bushing, instead of bearings, which can become easily clogged with suspended debris in the water The pin spins more freely as well delivering a better massage with less horsepower.

We did not stop with this patented idea. Product durability and performance continue to dominate the development focus for all our jet products We are continually seeking better and mere forgiving raw materials and designs to offset end client water chemistry mistakes.

Many new jets have been added to the line up this year, and still more are under development.
Quantum jet technology from Rising Dragon is the only jet offered in the market that effectively deals with the post sale consumer problems long associated with water chemistry. Patent pending technology eliminates jets popping out and keep both dealers and end consumers from the headaches and costs of after-market service and replacement. All Quantum jets are made with specially formulated plastic that is “tried and true” in all water sanitizers and, of course, our patent pending threaded design that incorporates on and off functions without the use of clips.

  • Patented ``Axis`` Bearingless jets
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Durability and Performance
  • Patent pending technology eliminates jets popping out
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