RDT is an advanced product development firm dedicated to creating new LED technologies and applications. At RDT, we pride ourselves on developing products that are easier to use and install than competitive products and that perform beyond expectations.

While most products in this industry still utilize traditional LEDs: arrays of tiny red, green and blue LEDs haphazardly arranged on a board without regard for proper color mixing and over effect, RDT uses Precision Beam Diffusion technology to deliver perfectly mixed TRUE color, even white! Further, we use Wide Radius Projection technology to deliver more light to all areas of your pool or spa and create light that is pure, warm and mood enhancing unlike anything else on the market.

Precision Beam Diffusion and Wide Radius Projection are technologies exclusive to our Evolution and Pinnacle lighting series.


Our Evolution Series is a molded plug daisy chain cording that utilizes both Precision Bean Diffusion and Wide Radius Projection. This system is designed to connect to spa packs via 12V AC out connection. This either connects to one of our Master Main lights or to a separate Controller. The Master Light or controller is then connected to one or more slave lights, which are either large main lights or harness arrays of single Points of Lights (POLs). This system replaces current hub style systems and other corded systems that are not as easy to use or as waterproof as ours.

The Evolution Series steps down from 12V to 5V to reduce heat and increase the life expectancy of your lights greatly. The fact that we still produce light that outshines our competitors is a testament of overall efficiency of this product.

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